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Aligning activity

Rule #1. Do what it says on the tin

There is always so much to do when you are starting your own business it can be easy to overlook the fact that you need to actually tell people you’re out there.

Conversely, some start-up businesses get so carried away with their marketing activity in the quest for profile, they fail to think strategically at the outset. Adopting a scattergun approach to marcomms is expensive and will likely offer a poor return on your investment.

Whatever methods you choose to raise the profile of your new business your activity should be led by one absolute – you need to know and understand your target customer.

It’s pointless throwing your money at a Facebook advertising campaign if your customer base doesn’t populate that social media platform. Ditto, you’ll want to avoid glossy lifestyle magazine advertising if your customer demographic doesn’t align with the readership profile.

Make your marketing budget work hard for you and maximise that ROI by really examining your target customer profile. Doubtless, you will already have conducted some research and have at least some up to date market intelligence at your fingertips.

Drill it down to help you select the right channels to reach the people who will buy from you – what do they read or listen to? Where do they go to source suppliers? How do they access information? Who do they trust most to give it to them? When are they most open and receptive to receiving it?

Now you’re in a better position to judge whether to employ print press or radio advertising, a digital marketing campaign focusing on search engine optimisation (SEO), PR and media relations or targeted direct mail. In all likelihood it will be a mix – an integrated marcomms campaign employing several marketing disciplines across a number of channels.

Most importantly, your marcomms strategy needs to be well thought-out and planned at the outset – and crucially, aligned with your strategic intent.

If you want to be known as ‘the best’ at what you do, or the quickest, or most customer-focused, or flexible, or cheapest…whatever your position point, the action needs to meet the rhetoric and your tactical marketing activity built around that.

How do you choose the right platform to market your business?

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