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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Twitter

I was chuffed last month to win a competition on Twitter posted by Shropshire’s social media queen, Jan Minihane, from The Net Advantage. Jan had asked her thousands

Jane Minihane from The Net Advantage

Jane Minihane from The Net Advantage

of followers to share their top Twitter tip. So, in fewer than 140 characters, I tweeted “share you as well as your info, people buy people”. I won cake, chocolate and even better than that, two hours 1-2-1 face time with a cracking social media professional who was able to give me the latest insights into social marketing that’s evolving at frightening speed.

I’ve won business and passed on business via Twitter to folks I’ve never actually met face to face, but with whom I’ve developed a relationship of trust and confidence. That’s what ‘sharing you’ and people buying people actually means. It takes time and effort to love and understand Twitter. Folks who casually dismiss it as a ‘waste of time’ singularly fail to see the business case.

So yes, I’m a massive fan of Twitter. For me, as a reputationist, it cannot be beaten as the world’s most powerful reputational tool and relationship builder. In a business context, much like Facebook pages (not personal profiles), it’s a great way to engage with customers and prospects, firmly establish the tone of voice of your organisation and evidence your expertise. A website just can’t replicate that same level of engagement.

That said, a company website remains the default setting for most people in search of information. If you’re in business you need to be on the internet, even if it’s just a simple landing page that directs folks to your social platform or heck, even just your phone number with a cheery message. Free WordPress templates are a really quick and easy way to grab a web presence.

In no particular order here are my favourite FREE social tools and spaces. Think of each of these platforms like you would a pub, club or bar. You’ll meet one kind of customer in one and a different set of people in another. Prioritise activity towards where your customers hang out, but pop in for a spot of socialising in the others – a bit like a pub crawl on a Friday night. Pick the two that most suit your audience and concentrate on doing them really well rather than trying to spread yourself too thin and end up doing them all poorly.

• WordPress
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Pinterest
• Facebook Pages
• Google+
• Foursquare
• Flickr

Try them out to see which platform you prefer and drop by here sometime to let me know how you’re getting on.

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