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New Year, New Marketing Push

I come from a long line of Glaswegians so have always celebrated Hogmanay with typically Glaswegian gusto! I love New Year; it’s a time of reflection, renewal, hope and expectation.

New Year

New Year is a good time for reflection.

The metaphor I always think of is it’s like starting a new school year and opening that pristine new exercise book to a beautifully clean page.

New Year is a terrific time to reflect on your marketing effort. Look at the year behind you and critique what promotional activity worked, what didn’t and why, then make some New Year resolutions to kick start or reinvigorate your PR and marketing effort for the year ahead.

Here are some New Year resolutions you might care to write down on that lovely clean sheet of paper as you start 2013.

• I’ll invest time and effort in creating/reviewing my marketing communications strategy
• I’ll support my plan with a marketing budget, however modest, and I’ll make my spend work really hard
• I’ll invest in the right stuff early – a good quality business card for starters
• I’ll get out and network – in person and online in social spaces like Twitter
• I’ll invest in thinking time to come up with fresh ideas and new approaches
• I’ll definitely invest in social media – if I don’t understand how Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc., work then I’ll get some training so I do
• I’ll deliver outstanding customer service because I know it will create a fantastic word of mouth sales force that will sell my business for me.

It is believed more people than ever before will start their own business in 2013. If you’re thinking of doing so there’s loads of help available, and depending on your postcode and age possibly funding too.

Meantime, if you just need a confidence boost and want to float your idea in confidence past three vastly experienced business advisers we’ll happily explore what professional help you might need to take your proposal forward. Just drop us a line here or pick up the phone. Happy New Year!


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