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Selling Social

As a spectacularly failed Croydon School of Art & Design drop out (I chose a technical graphics course that was completely unsuitable for my free thinking creative mind) my eye24709262 is always drawn to good design and draughtsmanship.

I was at art school in the mid 1970s – we used pencils back then, oh and lovely Rapidograph pens with impossibly thin nibs and Indian ink, and T-boards and set squares. It was a heck of a long time before CAD drawings and all those seriously cool tools and software that Adobe and their like shove out these days – stuff that enables ordinary graphic designers to look great. Drat. I was born too soon.

My limited talent waned along with my desire to draw washing machine instructions for a living. I moved on. But my love of graphic design, art and aesthetics remains.

Currently, I’m into infographics – enjoying that is, not creating. For someone who deals in message crafting, who gets a big personal and professional buzz out of the evolving social landscape and adores eye-pleasing images this is serendipitous. This one, Selling Social, came to me via a fellow PR pro, Carla Delaney and Top Web Design Schools. I like it so I Liked it.

In the spirit of social… feel free to Like and share too.

Selling Social: How Companies Are Connecting with Social Media

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