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Avox Ltd

Avox Ltd, a provider of comprehensive business data to the Banking industry, experienced rapid and impressive growth with just a handful of employees leaping to more than 150 in just a matter of months.

A robust Performance and Talent Management programme underpinned the organisation’s ability to manage this dynamic organic growth. All Avox employees were initially employed in a data analyst role.  As employee numbers grew, so did the company’s line management structure and several new positions were created – senior data analyst, pod leader, team leader and upwards. The structure created ensured that no line manager had responsibility for more than half a dozen or so people.

Through Performance Management, using a server generated management information system (MIS), the better performing analysts were identified and provided with the resources and training they required to help them manage a small team. We called these Pod leaders.

Pod leaders and team leaders were given specific training to develop their people management skills, particularly in delivering effective appraisals and colleague feedback. Each data analyst was appraised at regular intervals and provided with the requisite development training to meet key performance indicators on quality and productivity.

High performing data analysts became the selection pool from which to fish when new Pod Leaders were required. The rapid rate of growth meant the need to identify, select and train individuals capable of fast-paced development became ever more frequent and pressing.

This same process was applied to pod leaders (PLs). The better performing PLs were siphoned off into the Talent Management pool where they received new leadership training in readiness for their role as team leader or above.

Lower performers were provided with the extra resources and training necessary to bring them back up to speed or a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) if their work rate, targets and achievements remained below par.

Inevitably, we parted company with a few people, but it is satisfying to know that every member of the Avox team, bar the Directors and Deputy Directors, were groomed from the entry data analyst position into successful and confident line managers through a robust and highly effective Performance and Talent Management programme.