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Arren Roberts Wins July’s Tequila Slammer Kit

Ay Carumba! This summer’s most sought after party starter – our slamdunkalicious Tequila Slammer Kit – has been won by Oswestry-based local government geezer, Arren Roberts.

Ay Carumba…Arren’s a winner!

Lucky Arren’s number was randomly selected by Heather Noble of Salt Solutions – @saltsolutionsuk – when she responded to Jools’ shout out on Twitter to name a number between 1-165 (the number of comments and Facebook ‘Likes’ we received in July in response to our shiny new website).

Thankfully, Arren lives in Oswestry so we’re hooking up with him soon to slam dunk the kit – Tequila, Champers, a fresh lime, salt and a shot glass – straight into his lap, or should that be straight down his throat?

Either way, it’s all round to Arren’s!

Arren tweets at @ArrenRoberts – drop him a congrats and you might just get yourself on the party invite list. Arrrriiiiibaaaa!

Congratulations Arren – you’ve just become the most popular man in Oswestry!

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