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Meet Tim Bierley

Hello! I’m Tim, the new work experience lad. It’s great to be here with The Jools Payne Partnership. I have already been set tasks well-suited to my communications skills and expertise. A case in point, the first thing I’ve been asked to do is write about myself.

Tim Bierley and Jools Payne

Tim exercised his creative writing skills with features in the Timpson Group News.

I’m an Oswestry boy, but I try to get out of here quite a lot too. Over the last 5 years, I’ve enjoyed trying my hand – or my tongue – at some of Europe’s languages. Realising that getting stuck in a hillbilly village in Spain is much more effective than the methods I practised at school (mainly working out how to smuggle scripts into an exam – inside a pencil case). So far, I’ve had a go at Spanish, Italian and Romanian.

I also do quite a bit of writing. During the 2015 general election, a friend and I set up a blog where we covered local issues and interviewed each of the five candidates. I’ve also edited student papers, an online magazine and the news site of an international youth organisation. At the moment I’m scouring through my old school journals to see if I can remember how to write short stories.

Ideally, I would like to combine my love of writing with doing some good. That means no endorsements for Shell, Monsanto or Phillip Morris.

Most recently, I’ve worked for a farming charity in Oxford, as an English teacher in Madrid and Milan, and behind the counter at Café Radio in Oswestry. Along the way, I’ve enjoyed learning how to cook a few meals – and how to fit a chipotle pepper into most of them.

Before writing and Spanish, cricket was my first true love. Another great benefit of gaining a Graduate Placement in an Ashes summer at The Jools Payne Partnership was being immersed in a business co-run by a former cricket professional. Being around and about continental Europe most summers means I haven’t been able to play much lately, but I still practise my non-turning off-spinners whenever I have some privacy and a full length mirror.

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