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Jools Promotes Syrian Refugee Welcome on Channel 4 News

Our MD Jools is continuing to promote the cause of Syrian refugees’ resettlement in Shropshire. Five families have

Syrian refugee resettlement.

MD Jools Payne is a volunteer advocate for Refugee Action working closely with Syrian refugees to help them resettle in Shropshire.

recently been resettled in the county from camps in the Lebanon.

Jools continues to work in close partnership with the charity Refugee Action and acts as a volunteer Refugee Advocate for the families in Oswestry. She was delighted to promote the crucial part that local people and communities can play in helping Syrian families happily settle and integrate in a recent Channel 4 news item.

“It is humbling, enormously humbling actually to spend time with the families and children. This word refugees has been so corrupted as a result of the damaging, negative, ill-informed discourse around immigration, particularly post Brexit,” said Jools. “It is a status. They are human beings. They are ordinary people who are fleeing terror, persecution and a tragedy that for most of us is utterly unfathomable.”


  1. Afaf Totty says:

    Hi my name is Afaf Totty Im lebonese and live with my welsh husband and children in Ellesmere Shropshire, I speak and write Arabic and English and a tiny bit of welsh
    ( my name is Afaf not Araf !)I would like to offer help for the Syrian refugees, Over time living in the UK ive discovered where to get most ingredients for Lebanese dishes etc and also have a range of books for my own children to learn and write Arabic that I would be happy to share.

    Kind regards

    Afaf Totty

    • Jools Payne says:

      Afaf, please make contact either by telephone (Home page top right) or through the contact form with your email address. Thank you for your very kind offer. Shukraan/Diolch.

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