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Organisational Development

Organisational Development (OD) is the planned process of change to meet the strategic aims of a company. These changes can be in culture, philosophy, structure or evolution but need to be organisation-wide and designed to increase effectiveness or viability.

Whether you’re looking to increase your turnover, restructure for diversification or even streamline for greater efficiency, The Jools Payne Partnership can help you create and implement a realistic OD plan.

We will help you provide the strong leadership, with a focus on people management and development, to successfully effect change to meet your business needs in an ever more challenging trading environment.

Linking several HR protocols, Ian utilises highly engaging people and performance management techniques to identify the training and development needs your organisation requires to achieve its strategic intent.

Driving organic growth through a focused Talent Management programme into new leadership and management development is a game changer that will ultimately put you ahead of your more pedestrian competitors.

It’s a jungle out there. Call Ian today for a conversation about shaping up for the survival of the fittest.